Large Weekend Bag "Sacvoyage Cachalot" Beige

`.`.`.` Women's Large Weekend Bag "Sacvoyage Cachalot", Collection "Antique" `.`.`.`

A very handy and roomy valise for travelling or everyday wear.

This leather travel bag is extremely large and spacious.

Whether you are looking to take a week-long escape, a weekend getaway or just a day trip this duffel bag is the perfect way to take your belongings with you in style.

Make your weekends ever more lively and fun with this comfortable and stylish weekender bag.

Upgrade your travel style with this chic carryall travel bag.

✽ Approximate measurements: 50/35 cm. (20/14 inches)
✽ Entrance (zipper) 60 cm (24 inches)
✽ Handle 50 cm (20inches)
✽ Way of wearing: in the hand.
✽ Material: leather of increased density.
✽ Type of lock: zipper
✽ Inside: one compartment and two pockets (zipper and non-zipper).


We should focus your attention on the fact that it is NOT possible to make exact copies of the bags you see on photos.
Our bags are entirely handmade and the leather is a live material. Each piece of leather has its individual colour and texture; the stock of leather is continually changing.


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