All our handbags and accessories are made of the finest quality natural leather and reflect an approach to design that considers style and function.

We offer distinctive styles, inspired choices and stylish, modern and unique designs.

All bags IN STOCK are based in Cyprus and ready to be sent in 1-2 business days.


Shoulder Bag "Sputnik Classic Maxi", Collection "Antique" - An elegant bag for everyday wear.Wear it to work or a night in the city - either way, it’s..


A beautiful and comfy clutch for special events and everyday wear. Material: suede, leather of medium and increased density; back cloth – silk. ..


In Stock
Clutch Bag "Leafdrop" Fuschia Clutch Bag "Leafdrop" Fuschia

Dimensions: 18/32 cm. Useful space: 15/24 cm. Entrance: 24cm. A nice handy bag for everyday wear. Way of wearing: in the hand or on the shoulder (..


CHRISTMAS SALE!!! ATTENTION! Please note that the bag we have in stock has GOLDEN fittings. On photo you see the silver. Please pay attention to th..


CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Flower shoulder bag "Burgeon" , collection "Flowers" A small amazing bag. This unique designer bag will be your best go-to ..


Dimensions: 18/32 cm. An elegant clutch for special occasions and everyday wear. Way of wearing: in the hand (it is possible to place your hand in t..


Dimensions: 37/31/14 cm. An elegant handy clutch. Material: leather of low density. Way of wearing: in the hand (an option of creation of additiona..


CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Dimensions: 35/20 cm. A charming butterly-shaped bag. Material: genuine leather. Type of lock: magnetic buttons. Handly: non-..


Dimensions: 20/30 cm. Useful space: 15/25. Entrance: 25 cm. A medium-sized bag of transcendental beauty. Way of wearing: in the crook of the elbow o..


CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Dimensions: 25/40 cm. A gorgeous clutch for special occasions. Way of wearing: in the hand. Material: leather of medium and in..


CHRISTMAS SALE!!!! FROM EURO 450 TO 330! Vintage "Retro" , collection "Orient Express" Approximate measurements: 40/38 cm. (16/15 ..


Handbag "Rosebud" , collection "Flowers" Approximate measurements: 47/30 cm. (19/12 inches) Useful space 28/32 cm. (11/13 inches)  Entrance ..


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